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EcoKids Report #21

Our Studio Home April 10, 1999 

April 10 we met at the studio. Rockhill Baptist Church is closed. The Pastor moved, the congregation was aging and most of the members had long ago moved from the neighborhood. We were allowed to use the space as a studio for our meetings and work until a new congregation was found. 

We glued wooden gussets to the corners on the back of our house set pieces. The gussets strengthen the joints so they will last through our run of neighborhood plays. We practiced the songs and raps for the play.

On April 6, volunteer artist Patty Cauthon had sketched on refrigerator cartons most of the various set piece designs. This way the EcoKids were able to paint in the colors. The kids help some by painting the refrigerator cartons with the background color. They show little interest in doing more. 

Square Foot Gardening During the week we planted a square foot garden as a demonstration to neighbors and other visitors to the studio. 

This intensive method of gardening allows you to raise more food in a small area than conventional methods.

More information on square foot gardening can be found in a book called Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. Also see the February 1996 issue of Organic Gardening Magazine or the Square Foot Gardening web site.

My time in the studio is spent preparing displays that will be used by the EcoKids at the city-wide Earth Day and again at the neighborhood Earth Days.

Thanks to volunteers Demetra Salisbury, Eliza Cain and Ellie Dawson.

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