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Saving Resources
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse has information on home energy conservation, alternative fuels, electric cars and many other energy saving ideas. You may contact them at Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse, Box 3048, Merrifield VA 22116, or phone them at 1-800-363-3732.
  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources has information on preserving our natural resources including recycling, household hazardous wastes, composting, recycling and ground water. You can contact them by writing Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Box 176, Technical Assistance Program, Jefferson City, MO 64102 or by calling 1-800-361-4827. A listing of their publications can be found on their site.
  • Rocky Mountain Institute’s mission is to foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security and helps individuals and the private sector to practice new solutions to old problems.
  • World Resources Institute - an environmental research and policy organization that creates solutions to protect the planet and improve people’s lives.

Earth Day Web Sites

Environmental Activism

  • Econet Environmental Headlines IGC brought advanced communications technologies to grassroots organizations worldwide working for peace, human rights, environmental sustainability, women's rights, conflict resolution and worker rights.
  • Heartwood, dedicated to preserving the central US hardwood forests.
  • The Sierra Club is the largest grassroots national environmental organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and enjoying the environment on Earth.
    Sierra Club, Kansas Chapter
    Sierra Club, Missouri Ozark Chapter



The FWS has finally listed the Canadian lynx in the lower 48 states as a threatened species say GREEN* sources 3/21/00. After numerous lawsuits and delays the listing is a step forward, but the nearly 20 years since the first listing petition in 1982 has resulted in the species becoming "perilously close to extinction." Some conservationists are already saying that the final rule does not adequately ensure the "survival and recovery" of the lynx throughout significant parts of its range, especially for the highly imperiled populations in the Northeast, Great Lakes, Cascades and southern Rockies where an endangered listing was definitely warranted.
*GREEN is a project of Defenders of Wildlife designed to serve grassroots wildlife and wildlands advocates.

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