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Heartland All Species Project has been known for its exciting environmental programs since its founding in 1987. Marty Kraft and Stan Slaughter, Heartland’s co-founders offer many programs both together and separately.


  • Consulting for Teachers, Schools or Communities -
    Consulting on the creation of Earth Day or other environmental educational pageants for community or classroom. How can the event support curricular goals? What can I do to help my students better understand and care for the environment? How can my community’s Earth Day be integrated into the school’s educational programs? A sliding scale makes consulting available for classroom teachers or large instintuitions.


Stan Slaughter, EcoTroubadour is an award winning teacher and seasoned performer who has traveled throughout the country since 1987 performing a repertoire of original and old favorite Earth Songs at schools, museums, libraries and festivals. He is a proven crowd pleaser with both children and adults. Visit his site for details on programs, accompanying learning materials, tapes, songbooks and cds.


Please if you would like a program on a specific topic. We have information on more than 20 educator/artists from all around the U.S.

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