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The EcoKids Program was a year long endeavor by the All Species Project in partnership with community, educational, and environmental organizations to create a model for teaching about, and building, sustainable neighborhood community with youth, in an older urban area of Kansas City. The program was funded by a grant from EPA.

The EcoKids were young residents between 10 and 15 years of age who met regularly for a year. The goals were for them to learn about their neighborhood and environment, to practice using that knowledge in service to the community through art, performance and displays, and finally for them and the neighborhood to be excited about who they are.

This site will tell you what we did, what worked and what failed. Read on to learn from our experiences and apply that knowledge where you live.

EcoKids Summary & Analysis- a narrative description of the program.

EcoKids Weekly Reports- follow our progress with updates and photos.

Our EarthDay Performance- It's All About Connection

Concepts- Some ideas we explored.


square foot gardening

tree planting

our bioregion

organic food buying club

neighborhood footprint

Talk Back- Where you can comment on the environment & community

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