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EcoKids Report #43

Earth Day 9

This was our last performance. Sunday, July 25, we met on the 5700 Block of Charlotte for the Rockhill Ridge Earth Day celebration. Nine EcoKids were present out of eleven. About mid way through the series of performances a brother of one of the EcoKids wanted to join. He was a good helper and we needed another performer.

Again, the temperature was about 100 degrees, and again we were in the shade. We played to our largest audience, about 50. We received a lot of good comments.

This event was like I had envisioned all the events going. There were lots of neighbors helping and attending. There was a lot of good food and the EcoKids got all they could eat. They were offered food at some of the other events but there weren’t enough people to make it a meal.

A fire truck came and turned on the hydrant and the kids really had a good time. The EcoKids provided the teenage presence to the community gathering. It is events like these that demonstrate the joy, the glue that makes community. This community has been building for several years before the EcoKids program. I hope they helped make it better.

Thanks to Joel Kraft and Jeff Fegley and several neighbors who helped us set up and break down. Thanks to Peggy Everest for returning the city’s signs and orange cones that were used to block the streets for most of the celebrations.

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