Feedback from Neighbors

The following comments about the Urban Wilderness, 5644 Charlotte, Kansas City, MO 64110, were transcribed, in part, from a videotape of various neighbor's views. The video was made in approximately 1987 and presented at a hearing to the Kansas City codes department personnel.

“I find it a pleasure to look at the yard, to just gaze. Like I say, I live right across the street and I sit in my yard and gaze over into Marty’s yard and it’s just really a peaceful feeling, the greenery and the nature, just the whole aspect of it. I get a pleasant feeling.” Carl, Former Neighbor

“Wilderness is something that we are losing today and we need to preserve it. Not only for the visual part but for our children. I think if we had more people doing things like this (referring to the Urban Wilderness) we would save a little part of our heritage for our children.” Victor, Neighbor

“The yard really attracted me. I think it’s a real positive piece to add to the community. People feel that sometimes they have to go out to the woods or get away to get in touch with nature. I think that’s a big part of what we as human beings need. We don’t need to go out so far., We can have places in our community. We should have little natural spots here and there in the neighborhoods for people to enjoy and have a peaceful place to kind of get back in touch with nature and feel like they are in harmony with nature.” Chuck, Horticulture Therapist and Passer-by

”I’ve enjoyed watching his yard grow. My children enjoy it too. We call it Marty’s Park. What increasingly became clear to me was his intent. It is clearly not a case of neglect. It has an environmental sculptural quality that I like.” Melissa, Former Neighbor

“I think Marty’s yard is neat. It’s really peaceful in the spring. And in the winter, it’s pretty because all the snow is covering everything and it looks like the Flint Hills when it’s covered with snow.{ Corina Beck, Neighbor, age 8

“When I first began to notice his efforts here I had mixed emotions about it. But as it developed and as he began working on different elements of his yard, it became quite a thing of beauty in my eyes. I have noticed that many people have stopped by and admired the effect that he has contributed to this.” Victor, Neighbor & Artist

“I’ve been taking care of children. I have a day care going in my home. It’s been a favorite place for me and the children. It’s the highlight of our walks, more often than not. I like the freedom, the expression. I’m grateful (for the yard). It is an asset to the neighborhood. I’m pleased to live in the neighborhood and have a place like this to go to.” Ellen, Former Neighbor and now environmental education teacher

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